June  Event: Saturday, June 15th, 2012 2-5 PM
Kristofor Weinrich
Ryk McIntyre
It  is our purpose to offer a venue where poets and artists of every age and all levels of expertise can read or show their work and experience the work of others.

We  will  bring  to  this  venue  those who are trying out their poetic wings and those who have already soared into fame.

We  wish to engage students from elementary to college, teachers, truck drivers, those who wear the different collars of our society, the young the old: all those who are sometimes haunted by words and hunger to express them.

We will strive so that all who want to may craft their poetry and the beauty of language can be opened up to all...

Language is the thread with which we weave our day.

Come hear the weave of words.
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